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Shipboard Medispa Physician

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Shipboard Medispa Physician
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This position is based on a Cruise Ship Education and Experience Requirements· Completed medical education and hold a medical degree from a recognized college or university.· Hold a current valid medical license.· Comfortable with giving presentations/speaking in front of large groups.· Fluency in English.· Strong interpersonal skills. Job Summary The Medi-Spa Physician administers cosmetic medical procedures to on onboard guests. They must possess the clinical knowledge to administer these procedures, safely and effectively, and be able to explain accurately all aspects of the products and services, to the guests. They must have excellent communication skills and be able to provide aesthetic medical solutions, safely and effectively, to address the concerns of on board guests. The Medi-Spa Physicians are expected to work with The Medi-Spa Sales Consultant, who will assist them with the sales, marketing, and promotional aspects of the position. The Medi–Spa Sales Consultant will also translate for the Medi-Spa Physicians if necessary. The Medi-Spa Physicians are expected to gain the knowledge of the spa services and products in effort to cross-promote these services to guests. The Medi-Spa Physician will review and give final approval for all service/treatment plans organized and booked by the Medi – Spa Sales Consultant. Position requirements Possess the ability to work without direct supervision and actively promote the services to the guests Work closely with the Medi–Spa Sales Consultant Must have enthusiasm and possess excellent customer service skills Must be able to give an effective presentation as it relates to medi-spa services Enjoy working with people and possess a friendly and outgoing personality Excellent communication and listening skills Basic computer knowledge Must be a team player Duties and Responsibilities· Be on time for work, prompt for each appointment.· Provide consistent professional medi-spa services and treatments in accordance with One Spa World’s medi-spa protocols.· Conduct patient follow-up as required.· Be flexible with scheduling, supporting the needs of the spa and guest.· Properly care for equipment and use proper amounts of product/supplies to assist with cost control. · Follow service pricing policy set by One Spa World.· Prior to all services, complete with the guest the Medical Record which must be stored at the completion of each cruise in the Spa Manager’s office or designated place within the spa facilities for a period of 2 years. (3 years on Cunard and P&O).· Cross-promote other spa services.· Uphold the standards of sanitation and sterilization as directed by ship and company policy and procedure. · Properly clean and restock medi-spa treatment room as required.· Manage medical product and supply inventory.· Communicate to management any and all occurrences involving staff or guests in the spa that require attention.· Handle guests’ questions and concerns professionally and courteously.· Provide accurate, appropriate and immediate responses to all requests by guests.· Maintain a positive attitude and contribute toward a quality work environment.· Regularly attend, participate in and support training and staff meetings for the spa.· Required team meetings: embarkation day meetings and sea day team meetings.· Assist in all areas of spa operation as requested by management.· Train new spa staff in medi-spa services/cross-promotion skills – follow up must be carried out to ensure staff are confident with services and promotions.· Follow Medi-Spa Operations Policies.· Email report daily and inventory report with every end of cruise report. General Guidelines· For all guests, doctors must review the guest consultation information with them prior to the service.· All guests receiving treatments (including complimentary treatments) must complete the required consent forms. Doctors are required to complete a medical record for each guest.· At conclusion of the treatment, review Aftercare Instructions with the guest and provide them with a copy. · Conclude by thanking the guest for the opportunity to take care of them. Schedule a follow-up appointment and assist them with scheduling at the front desk.· Clean your room and set up for your next guest.· Do not stand around the front desk between services. Treatment room should look the same at the start and end of every day and between each guest. This means the room must be:· Clean – sanitize work surfaces and sink area; store trash is proper receptacles.· (biohazard/sharps/trash); All trash must be taken out daily or when full.· Organized –stock boxes should be out of sight and all supplies must be organized or stored properly. · Inviting – the treatment bed must be properly dressed and proper ambience with regards to music and temperature. End of Day Checklist· Dispose of open unused needles· Dispose of Bio-Hazard bag if full· Take Sharps Container to Medical facility if full· Sterilize table and countertops· Fill out inventory control form· Lock product storage cabinets· Lock treatment room· Email daily revenue report to shore side team Service booking policy A clean, non-intimidating, state-of-the-art and stress-free environment is not only what we strive to offer our guests, it is the goal for our staff as well. A critical element to the success of our spa is our ability to work together as a team. If we are unable to work seamlessly together, our guest will be the first to notice. It will not only hurt the business of our spa but will affect your individual success in this industry. Following are some policies that we have put in place to help us avoid unnecessary contention:· Medi-Spa Physicians may only be booked for services for which they are qualified to administer.· In some cases, it is impossible to fairly book services if you are not qualified to perform all services.· Medi-Spa Physicians are not allowed to refuse or trade services that they are certified to perform. Guest requests cannot be moved or changed without the Spa Manager’s approval. All staff members are required to perform general duties during their scheduled hours, as directed by the manager onboard. General duties may include, but are not limited to, promotional duties, port cleaning, staff meetings, training and stock inventory. Please be guided by your Spa Manager’s instructions. Guidelines for Protection and Sanitization (known as ‘GPS’)· Be familiar with One Spa World’s ‘GPS’ to safety. ·Understand and practice the required self-screening procedures.· Understand and follow the agreed upon procedures for symptomatic guests or employees.· Understand and adhere to staff and guest Physical Distancing Policy.· Understand and adhere to Staff Personal Hygiene Policy.· Understand and adhere to the Hand Washing Policy.· Arrive at the spa between five and ten minutes prior to assigned shift start time. · Understand proper use and disposal of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the modality and for handling soiled linen, waste, and chemicals.· Be familiar with the approved disinfecting products available at the spa location including proper use, contact time, disinfection methods and proper storage and handling procedures.· Understand and adhere to the Treatment Room Preparation requirements.· Understand and adhere to the Sanitation Policy for the applicable modality and services performed.· Understand and adhere to the Sanitation Policy for the applicable spa area. Understand the Sanitation Log Policy and complete logs as required.· Understand and adhere to the Retail Product Handling and Transferring Procedure.· Understand and adhere to the Product Sampling Procedure.

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Ocupación: Shipboard medispa physician
Min. Salario: 450000

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