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Lead Process Engineer (smt), San Cristóbal, Jabil

Publicado 2022-06-26
Caduca 2022-07-26
ID #1061435115
25000000 Bs.
Lead Process Engineer (smt), San Cristóbal, Jabil
Venezuela, Tachirá, San Cristobal,
Publicado June 26, 2022

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El tipo de trabajo: Tiempo completo
Tipo de contrato: Permanente
Tipo de salario: Mensual
Ocupación: Lead process engineer (smt)
Min. Salario: 18.000.000

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JOB SUMMARY Develops, manages and implements relevant manufacturing solutions ensuring that Jabil production is meeting cost, quality and throughput requirements. Possesses a wide range of experience and understands and masters technologies specific to area of competence. Develops new or modified process formulations, defines processing or handling equipment requirements and specifications, and reviews processing techniques and methods applied in the manufacture, fabrication, and evaluation of products. Complexity of issues requires in-depth evaluation and application of advanced techniques and knowledge. Determines methods and procedures on new assignments. May make decisions of a complex nature with no guidance from management. Scope of accountability is broad and may cover a wide variety of disciplines. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES · Lead process development projects and provide guidance to Jabil in areas of process development and execution. · Broad base of PCBA manufacturing experience developing and implementing processes including SMT, PTH, wave solder, box build, stencil design, thermal profiling, materials, cleaning processes, cleanliness requirements etc. · Raw PCB fabrication knowledge (stack ups, materials, processes, documentation requirements, etc...). · Comprehensive knowledge of PCBA repair. · Comprehensive knowledge of PCBA manufacturing and support equipment/tools(thermal profiling, etc). · Ability to interpret an electronic schematic · At any stage from pilot concept to full-scale manufacturing, provides technical direction for manufacturing product design and manufacturing in an area of expertise. · Coordinate design requirements and reviews with appropriate engineering/scientific personnel to ensure compatibility of processing methods. · Compile and evaluate test data to determine appropriate limits and variables for process or material specifications. Resolves manufacturing problems and provides procedures and processes for manufacturing facilities. · Conceive and plan projects involving definition and selection of new concepts, equipment automation technology, and approaches in the processing or development of new or improved processes. · Convey technical solutions for areas of competence both to other engineers and to business personnel. Works with engineering team(s) to develop final product solution for chosen architecture within time and cost constraints. · Ensure that the most cost effective manufacturing processes and procedures are used. · Review and approve equipment purchases (in accordance with capital plans) to ensure they are technically suitable for the purpose intended and consistent with production plans and needs. · Develop new manufacturing practices as needed to ensure that manufacturing costs, technique and quality are kept current with external industrial practices. · Provide guidance for long-range equipment needs budget for capital plan, ensuring Jabil is in the fore-front of manufacturing technologies. · Review cost and qualities of development and manufacturing processes and recommends improvements in processes and techniques. · Seek guidance from junior and senior team members · May perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned. JOB QUALIFICATIONS KNOWLEDGE REQUIREMENTS · Bachelor’s degree in Engineering · Ideally 5-10 years’ experience in all processes of PCBA manufacturing. Including but not limited to thermal profiling (reflow and solder wave), solder paste printing, rework/repair, HLA, depaneling. · Demonstrated manufacturing process development ability on different types of materials and processes · Desire and ability to work in both an office and workshop environment by combining formal education with hands-on work in the shop · Able to complete assignments independently without constant supervision. · Able to act as part of a larger team outside of the immediate department or group. · Demonstrate basic knowledge on lean/Six Sigma methodologies. Bronze certification or Green belt. · Proficiency in use of personal computers, Microsoft Office products (Excel, Word and PowerPoint) or equivalent, and email skills required · Recognized as a professional in the trade for area of expertise · Able to actively listen and convey understanding of the comments and questions of others

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    Registrado en October 7, 2017

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