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Senior Devops Engineer Gigster Network (remote),

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900,000 Bs.
Senior Devops Engineer Gigster Network (remote),
Modificado May 10, 2024


Do you want to work on cutting-edge projects with the world’s bestdevelopers? Do you wish you could control which projects to work on andchoose your own pay rate? Are you interested in the future of work and how... Do you want to work on cutting-edge projects with the world’s bestdevelopers? Do you wish you could control which projects to work on andchoose your own pay rate? Are you interested in the future of work and howthe cloud will form teams? If so – the Gigster Talent Network is foryou. At Gigster, whether working with entrepreneurs to realize ‘thenext great vision’ or with Fortune 500 companies to deliver a bigproduct launch, we build really cool solutions that make a difference!Gigster builds enterprise software on cutting-edge technology, fromblockchain to AI/ML to VR and more. We are seeking highly skilled Senior Dev Ops Engineers to join our Talent Network to help us in developing and maintaining our infrastructure, tools,and processes and ensure reliable and efficient software developmentlifecycles. You will work closely with development, quality assurance, andoperations teams to automate and streamline processes and to ensure thatsoftware is delivered to our customers quickly and reliably. Responsibilities Designing, implementing, and maintaining the CI/CD pipelines ofprojects, ensuring automated and efficient code deployment anddelivery. Managing and improving our cloud infrastructure and services (AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.), optimizing for performance, cost, and scalability. Collaborating with development teams to optimize the build and releaseprocess and integrate automated testing and security scans. Troubleshooting and resolving infrastructure and deployment issues,providing timely support to the development and operations teams. Continuously evaluating and integrating new tools and technologies toimprove the Dev Ops processes and enhance team productivity. Requirements At least 5 years of hands-on experience in designing and managing CI/CD pipelines and cloud infrastructure. Strong expertise in cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, or GCP. Experience with CI/CD tools like Jenkins, Travis CI, or Circle CI. Expertise working with containerization technologies such as Dockerand container orchestration platforms like Kubernetes. Expertise with automation tools and frameworks such as Ansible, Puppet, or Chef. Experience with monitoring and alerting tools such as Nagios, ELKstack, or Prometheus. Expertise working based on continuous integration and continuousdelivery principles and best practices. Strong communication and collaboration skills, with the ability towork effectively in cross-functional teams. Benefits – We don’t call them perks, they’re just partof what makes working at Gigster great. World-class network. Be part of a network with the most talented peoplein the world. Amazing cutting-edge projects. Pick the projects from F500 companiesthat you’re interested in.100% remote and global. Live your best life, wherever that may be, andnever lose out on career opportunities because of it. Flexible work hours. There is a time to overlap with the customer’stimezone, but most of the time we work asynchronously and don’t care whenyou’re online, just that you deliver great results. Flexible offerings. Choose how many hours you want to work and how muchyou want to earn. Swag! Because who doesn’t love swag?The Gigster Talent Network is a highly curated set of the best softwaredevelopers in the world. It’s not easy to become part of this selectnetwork – but when you do – you will work amongst the best from Silicon Valley and around the world. Our model is unique in the software development industry. We do the hardwork of finding the US clients and scoping their projects – and youget to choose from a large variety of ‘Gigs’. You can choose Gigs thatfit your schedule – from 10, 20, or 40 hours a week. You also get tochoose your pay rate. All projects are staffed with a project manager, fullstack team, QA, and Dev Ops. All of our projects are for top-tier US companies and are delivered withthe highest quality. Projects range from developing NFT marketplaces to VRimaging for medical use to large AI/ML projects. We even produce a casestudy for every project delivered – so you can take that with you aspart of your portfolio. In parallel – you will have access to an exclusive and energizednetwork of the world’s most skilled experts. Community memberscollaborate inside and outside of Gigs – as well as at localcommunity events, online hackathons, competitions, etc. The Gigster Talent Network is more than a simple marketplace – it’s truly an exclusiveclub. Are you talented enough to be in the club? Show more Show less Tagged as: remote, remote job, virtual, Virtual Job,virtual position, Work at Home, work from home When applying state you found this job on Remote Network.

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El tipo de trabajo: Tiempo completo
Tipo de contrato: Permanente
Tipo de salario: Diariamente
Ocupación: Senior devops engineer gigster network (remote)
Min. Salario: 675000
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