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Intern For The Young People On Transforming Education Project Iesalc, Caracas, Unesco

Publicado 2022-09-23
Caduca 2022-10-23
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Intern For The Young People On Transforming Education Project Iesalc, Caracas, Unesco
Venezuela, Distrito Capital, Caracas,
Publicado September 23, 2022

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El tipo de trabajo: Tiempo completo
Tipo de contrato: Permanente
Tipo de salario: Mensual
Ocupación: Intern for the young people on transforming education project iesalc

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OVERVIEW OF THE FUNCTIONS OF THE POSTThe United Nations Secretary-General is convening the Transforming Education Summit (TES) during the 77th UN General Assembly in September 2022. The summit is proposed in “Our Common Agenda”, as part of the focus on better representing young people and future generations. To further the conversation of transforming education proposed by the TES, UNESCO IESALC is launch a project titled Young People on Transforming Education, involving different generations of students to explore how innovation has facilitated student-in-transition to be involved in advancing the way they learn and ways forward. Under the overall authority of the Director of UNESCO IESALC, and the direct supervision of the Project Lead for Young People on Transforming Education (Project), the intern will contribute to the execution of the Project under the Education Programme and Extra Budgetary projects at UNESCO IESALC. Working as part of the interdisciplinary team at UNESCO IESALC, in collaboration with education stakeholders at different levels, the intern will carry out the following duties and responsibilities: Assist in collecting and analyzing data on relevant topics. Facilitate with case selection and validation of cases. Contribute to organization of South-South Dialogue. Involve in preparation for Project deliverables, such as report, video, design, translation, peer review, etc. Support in advocacy and outreach activities. Carry out any other duty considered relevant to the fulfilment of the work plan of the Project at the request of the Director/Project Lead. After completion of the assignment, the intern will have: 1. Acquired an in-depth knowledge of the Education-sector programme (with the focus of Transforming Education) related to UNESCO’s areas of competence. 2. Learnt how to deal with diverse stakeholders from various cultural backgrounds. 3. Attained project management; setting particular objectives and develop appropriate mediation, monitoring and evaluation mechanisms. 4. Gained solid working knowledge of the operations of and with an intergovernmental organization. 5. Strengthened his/her analytical, communication, negotiation and interpersonal skills. 6. Acquired the ability on fundraising.Long DescriptionLong DescriptionCOMPETENCIES (Core / Managerial)Accountability (C)Communication (C)Innovation (C)Knowledge sharing and continuous improvement (C)Planning and organizing (C)Results focus (C)Teamwork (C)Professionalism (C)-.REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONSEducation: University degree in the field of social sciences, education, and innovation-related disciplines (e.g. technology) Subjects: Fields of Social Sciences, Education, and Innovation Language skills: Excellent verbal and written communication skills in the English language AND working knowledge of French, Spanish, or ArabicDESIRABLE QUALIFICATIONSDesired Skills in one of the following areas: Visual design Video editing Storytelling Proposal writing Desired Knowledge on Higher Education of one of the following regions: • Africa • Arab States • Latin American and the CaribbeanTERMS AND CONDITIONS Start date: November 2022. Location: Remote – this is a fully teleworking role. Team members are responsible for ensuring they have a reliable high speed internet connection and the necessary technology to undertake the job.

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