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Head Of Recruiting Remote Work / Ref. 0227e, Valencia, Valencia, Valencia

Publicado 2022-05-21
Caduca 2022-06-21
ID #1006620339
45000000 Bs.
Head Of Recruiting Remote Work / Ref. 0227e, Valencia, Valencia, Valencia
Venezuela, Carabobo, Valencia,
Publicado May 21, 2022

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El tipo de trabajo: Tiempo completo
Tipo de contrato: Permanente
Tipo de salario: Mensual
Ocupación: Head of recruiting remote work / ref. 0227e, valencia, valencia
Min. Salario: 35.000.000

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Who we areBairesDev is proud to be the fastest-growing company in America. With people in five continents and world-class clients, we are only as strong as the multicultural teams at the heart of our business. To consistently deliver the highest quality solutions to our clients, we only hire the Top 1% of the best talents and nurture their professional growth on exciting projects.Head of Recruiting at BairesDev We are looking for a Head of Recruiting to join our Recruitment team. We are looking for proactive, dynamic people and team players, with great organizational capacity, accustomed to handling multiple tasks, and with marked attention to detail. It is an excellent opportunity for those professionals looking to develop in one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry!What You?ll Do:- Lead efficiently a team of distributed Recruiting Managers.- Collaborate in the definition and execution of the Talent Search strategy.- Plan alternative recruitment scenarios, according to different needs.- Design and validate search practices, selection, and attraction to our openings, in direct collaboration with leaders and managers.- Provide ideas and solutions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the selection process: methods and technology.- Creative thinking.- Prepare reports and monitor KPIs.Here?s what we are looking for:- At least 7 years of experience as a recruiter.- At least 3 years of verifiable experience in similar positions.- Creative recruiting skills, excellent interpersonal management, and verbal and written communication.- Ability to work autonomously.- Advanced English level.How we do make your work (and your life) easier:- 100% remote work.- Hardware setup for you to work from home.- Flexible hours - make your schedule.- Paid parental leave, vacation & holidays.- Diverse and multicultural work environment.- An innovative environment with the structure and resources of a leading multinational.- Excellent compensation ? well above the market average.- Here you can grow at the speed of your learning curve.Our people work remotely but with a consistent and robust culture that promotes diversity and teamwork. To continue being the leading software development company in Latin America, we want to ensure that every BairesDev member gets the best growth and professional development opportunities in a diverse, welcoming, and innovative environment. Every BairesDev team member brings something unique to our company. We want to hear your story. Apply now!

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    45000000 Bs. / Mensual

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    Bairesdev Sa
    Registrado en October 7, 2017

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    El Estado Carabobo (español: Estado Carabobo, IPA: [esˈtaðo kaɾaˈβoβo]) es uno de los 23 estados de Venezuela, ubicado en el norte del país, a unas dos horas en auto desde Caracas. La capital de este estado es Valencia, que es también el principal centro industrial del país. El área del estado es de 4.369 km2 (1.687 millas cuadradas) y, según el censo de 2011, tenía una población de 2.245.744. El estado Carabobo fue el escenario de la batalla de Carabobo el 24 de junio de 1821. Esta fue una victoria decisiva en la guerra de independencia de España, y fue dirigida por Simón Bolívar.

    Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/